March 6, 2018


Designing application architecture

In our wide range of services, we have solutions that will help in the development of the project / website and ensure its high availability. We can design for you a new infrastructure for your site based on AWS cloud, Google or other providers as well as transfer it to our own cloud solution.



Do you need to know the health of your websites on a regular basis? Do you want to know if there are no problems when you check your site personally?
At Cloud Init we know how important it is that your website is always available and hassle-free for customers or visitors. Therefore, we offer our clients advanced monitoring and quick response to problems that may occur during operation.


Collection, analysis and visualization of metrics and logs

Activity analysis, all logs from multiple servers in one place in a much more readable format. In our offer, we anticipate that during the development of your project it is important to analyze its operation, which is why we propose a solution to present information contained in system logs and applications in much more pleasant formations and in one place, it is also possible to visualize results by building charts and selecting them into groups


Containerization and implementation of distributed services.

If your project is entering a new phase and you want it to develop based on the latest standards, we can help you design the highest quality platform supporting distributed applications based on the latest technologies that will make implementing the new version of only one functionality will not be necessary to stop the entire site. What in the future will translate into very flexible product scalability


Automation, introduction of development methodology.

At Cloud Init we know that in order for the project to develop dynamically and stably, solutions are needed to ensure proper versioning of the application code and exclude the human factor from as many repetitive processes as possible, which in the future results in very fast implementations of the new version and in case of very quick problems return to the previous stable version.